November 28, 2012

Long time no see

Yeah I know its been ages since I posted anything.. A lot of things have happend and I just couldnt find the time and will to do it, but I will try and do it from now on..

A few updates. At the moment Im living at my mom, but only for 1½month. I do so because Im gonna be moving in with a really amazing friend. We got a 4 room 85kvm  appartment, and I cant wait. Untill then I enjoy life at my mom..

I cut my hair short! Ohh yes I did.. I never thought I would do it again but I absolutly love it.. If you want, I might be able to post a picture of it..

Ive desided to start making more fondant cakes, and some cupcakes maybe. I really enjoy making them, and thinking I should be more creative. Besides that I started tot knit, which for me is very relaxing.

I made a new youtube channel for some makeup tutorials.. If you want to check it out this is the link . Like I said I really love being creative and so on.. So you can ask for guidance and so on..

Im thinking if I should change my blog into danish, not sure if any non danish people is even reading this.. But what do you guys things?

I want to share a competition my friend off mine posted on her blog. A give away. This is the link if you want to try out to. You can win and amazing palette...